Use the internet to your advantage

Improve your business marketing, sales, service and administration through the better use of the internet


We help you to discover and advise you, on ways that your business can be improved through the use of the internet.

Our consultancy service involves creating an overall strategy, then the design and development through to the implementation and subsequent training and support.

As we have for many of our customers across the years, we soon become your trusted advisors on all IT matters, providing insight and vision, through innovative actions.

Web hosting

We offer a range of services to get your web presence working effectively.

We advise and assist on registering domain names. We help with DNS and Cloudflare services. We offer web hosting plans on our own managed dedicated servers. We help with website monitoring arangements. Keep you off the Blacklists, lok after your email services and generally monitor your systems to keep them running.

We also offer assistance with the optimisation (SEO) using recocognised and legal techniques to help with your positioning in search engine results.

Managed Servers

Once upon a time your business bought an expensive computer server for your office. Now the best and most cost effective solution to your business server needs is a rented dedicated server in the "Cloud" (a data-centre somewhere in the UK). We can help you do that save thousands of pounds in the process.

We can research, propose, implement, manage and support your Cloud based servers, so that the facilities and functions you can access are identical to that you might achieve in your own office.

We look after the security and the backups and ensure that it all happens within the rules of Data Protection in the UK.


Throughout the local area internet connectivity and speed is being improved. In some cases to fast gigabit fibre-optic connections. We advise and ensure that you are getting the best value for money that is available in your location.

With good quality internet in place, we advise on and implement the network infrastructure (wired or wireless) in your premises.

We also help you take advantage of the newest types of telephone and mobile communications such as Voice over IP (VoIP), including the installation of premises or Cloud based telephone exchanges (based on 3CX).

Web Sites

We specialise in the design and programming of presentational and application websites. Our websites are designed to be responsive, that is they look equally good on mobile phones, tablets or desktop. Sometimes we work with WordPress and sometimes we use our own Cliqon or Cliqonlite, in order to create the most cost effective, functional and value for money websites possible.

We specialialise in interactive, database driven websites which means that will be potentially multi-lingual and can accomade all types of eCommerce with specialities in PayPal and Sumup.

Application Software

As we are recommending that your business and administrative servers are now in the Cloud, we offer a whole range of application software to run on your Server. We have an enormous range of software to offer - some free, some chargeable. These applications include accounting, ecommerce, production and stock control, human resource management, project control and collaborative group office.

We help install your own servers for file sharing, document management and remote meetings.

We can also help you move your desktops to the Cloud and and advise and assist with the implementation of Third Party software as a service (SaaS) packages.


We have over 40 years of experience in consultancy, sales and implementation of systems, here in the West Country.

We can name drop some of the well-known clients who we have assisted with hardware and software, including Crealy Park, Heavitree Brewery, St. Johns School, Sidmouth, The Milky Way and Thurlestone Hotel.

You can be confident that any service we provide you will be competent and appropriate to your budget and your needs as a business. Information Technology may change rapidly and frequently but businesses have the same needs to provide products and services to their customers as they have done for decades.


We are qualified and experienced training specialists. When we undertake a project we insist on providing adequate training to employees and stakeholders to ensure that the investment in time and resource into the project produces the desired business outcomes.

We can also provide additional training and workshop sessions in a classroom or business environment on a wide range of subjects.

We can provide tutoring services on a wide range of IT related educational needs.


We support the systems that we have provided and trained. We operate our own help-desk software and we assist with the creation of help-desks and support services for our customers.

We can manage complete roll-outs and undertake complete managed service delivery projects. We design and write Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and ensure they are up to ITIL standards. We assist with integrating SLAs into quality systems leading to ISO9000 series quality assurance programs.

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